mass staff getting vaccinated at gillette stadium

COVID-19 Update


Massachusetts staff vaccinated at Gillette Stadium on February 10, 2021

Hello from all of us at Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA. Our virtual seminar was a smashing success with over 85 people signed up – the next one will be on eyelid surgery – stay tuned. We have now created a YouTube link in case you missed the first presentation, if anyone wants to take another look at the first presentation or in case you would like to pass this on to a friend:

Our staffs in Massachusetts and California now have antibodies and are safer against this pandemic. That means we are all much less likely to get ill or die from the COVID-19 virus but good sense must prevail – for our safety and for the safety of those not fortunate enough to have been vaccinated yet we will continue to wear masks in public, social distance and wash hands frequently. The pandemic is not over – over 450,000 of our citizens have died in this pandemic as the daily death rates remain stubbornly high at more than 3,000 each day even though vaccines have arrived and the number of infected people daily is decreasing. Nearly 16 million Americans (5% of the American populations) have been vaccinated and President Biden has stated as his goal to have enough vaccines available for 300 million Americans by summer time. Because of the various mutations springing up around the globe, it will probably be possible to blunt the effects of the pandemic but not eliminate the threat completely and, like the flu, COVID will be with us long term. People who have been ill with COVID-19 and people who have been vaccinated all have antibodies to the virus. What does that mean? It means that you have some degree of protection against the strain of the virus you were vaccinated against or ill with. But how long this protection lasts is not completely known yet. There is reason to believe that you will have at least six months of protection against another infection after getting ill with COVID-19. And there is hope (they have not been around a year yet) that the vaccines will protect us for a year. Cases of reinfection with COVID-19 virus have been reported – and a few cases have been reported of infection after a vaccination. The CDC has reported some cases of illness after vaccination, before antibody levels have had an ability to rise to protective levels, but most people who have been re-infected or gotten ill after a vaccination have not gotten a very serious version of the illness. The CDC says that it is not clear at present if someone who has been vaccinated can spread the virus to others, even if that person does not have symptoms of illness. This is the main reason that it is important for all of us to continue wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing. Yes, the pandemic is still here but we still celebrate all of the holidays. Responsibly, we hope, but celebrate we do! Valentine’s Day is a very special holiday. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate our love of those most special in our lives. Love creates a special bond between people. Love is the basis for a normal, healthy life --- our love for others and our capability of receiving love in return. We celebrate you and all those you love in your lives and who are important to you, every day, all year long. Stay happy, stay healthy!

Drs. Ekstrom and Bunkis enjoying some sunshine and Valentine’s Day in the Scottsdale area.

Drs. Ekstrom and Bunkis enjoying some sunshine and Valentine’s Day in the Scottsdale area.

Stay healthy! Stay happy and persevere!

The end of the pandemic is almost here!

Keep wearing your masks in public, social distancing, continue to wash your hands frequently, all of you get tested before getting together with friends and family, get vaccinated when you get the opportunity, be safe, be happy, be healthy and prosper!

Enjoy Valentine's Day year round!

Be grateful for what you have now and for what is on the horizon.

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