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COVID-19 Update


Dr. Bunkis at Hotel del Coronado in April 1986.

Hello from all of us at Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA. Drs. Ekstrom and Bunkis spent a delightful week in Arizona, catching up with friends and catching up with some of our paperwork. Dr. Bunkis is back at work in Newport Beach, Dr. Ekstrom in Worcester.

Life appears to be slowly returning to a new normal. Masks, social distancing and hand washing will be with us for a long time to come, but the number of people who have been vaccinated is rising and the number of infected people is dropping quite significantly. In Los Angeles County, the seven-day average number of daily cases peaked to more than 15,000 cases on January 8 but now has dropped by 90% to 1,600 a day. Over a million people in Massachusetts have been vaccinated, 7 ½ million doses of the vaccine have been administered in California! Across the country people are still being vaccinated on a priority list basis (beginning with people in nursing homes, health care and first providers, etc) but Dr. Fauci has stated that by April, all Americans will be eligible to receive the vaccine. President Biden has predicted that by July, all Americans wishing to be vaccinated will have been given the opportunity to do so. The first reported COVID death in the United States occurred a year ago. But we have also reached the grim total of half a million COVID deaths in the United States! This number shocks us and it should – that is approximately the population of Atlanta, Georgia – and more than all US casualties in World War I, World War II and the Viet Nam War! But fortunately, this curve is flattening and we should have this pandemic under control after the majority of people are vaccinated. But to celebrate the circle of life, we can mention that today is Dr. Bunkis’ son, Justin’s, 35th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Dr. Ekstrom from the same era, mid 1980’s.

Dr. Ekstrom from the same era, mid 1980’s.

Stay healthy! Stay happy and persevere!

The end of the pandemic is almost here!

Keep wearing your masks in public, social distancing, continue to wash your hands frequently, all of you get tested before getting together with friends and family, get vaccinated when you get the opportunity, be safe, be happy, be healthy and prosper!

Be grateful for what you have now and for what is on the horizon.

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