Stevie Alexander and Dr. Deborah Ekstrom working in
                                        Massachusetts on the upcoming Money Loves Women event.

COVID-19 Update


Stevie Alexander and Dr. Deborah Ekstrom working in Massachusetts on the upcoming Money Loves Women event.

Hello from both Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA and Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA! The pandemic is still with us – people are getting vaccinated but others are still getting sick with the COVID virus and dying – 1.066 deaths in the US in this past week, driving the total American deaths to 542,000. Many businesses suffered. Yet, as with any crisis, entrepreneurs saw opportunities in this climate and many increased their business or created new ones. Dr. Deborah Ekstrom, owner of Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA, is one such person. She has a passion for helping women excel in all quadrants of their lives and started a company called Money Loves Women. I am pleased to present a pre-event announcement featuring Dr. Deborah Ekstrom. Consider joining her for a FREE online Masterclass carrying you into the Magical World of Money by exploring Deep Visioning Design for a rich abundant life of your dreams. The training reveals the methods for mastering subconscious mindset and eliminating mind-myths that prevent you from experiencing the money that wants to come into your life. This training will then allow you to progress with the tools and methods that will lead you forward into a wealthy, fulfilled life. Join Dr. Ekstrom to experience Deep Visioning Design that helps guide aspiring wealth builders to extraordinary wealth and happiness. The training begins on Saturday, April 24th at 10AM Pacific ( 1AM Eastern), so plan to be there to experience the "inside the mind" training for growing wealth, and creating the life of your dreams. Save the date and watch for the opening of registration at To your wealth and happiness! Meanwhile, check out the Booklist for Aspiring Wealth Builders and take the Money Personality Inventory at Or listen to her podcast at or any place podcasts are found. Dr. Ekstrom’s first podcast aired last April and she now has 47 informative episodes of her podcasts on her web site. Sneak preview – Mary Morrissey of the Life Mastery Institute, has agreed to be Dr. Ekstrom’s one year anniversary guest in the next few weeks! In addition to creating her weekly podcasts, Dr. Ekstrom has also been doing personal business coaching to men and women, has started working on a book, and is now preparing her first online teaching courses. Stevie Alexander, my assistant here at Orange County Plastic Surgery, is spending this week in Massachusetts, helping Dr. Ekstrom prepare for her upcoming teaching courses. They will be doing a dry run of the technical aspects this week to make sure everything works smoothly for the 24th of April event. I hope you will all join her for this complimentary course and let your friends know about it as well.

The CDC announced that it was safe to reopen schools and that 3 feet of social distancing was adequate to keep our children safe. School boards are preparing to reopen schools but I was surprised by an LA Times article today which stated that less than 30% of students in the LAUSD are willing to return to school! Very few infections have occurred as a result of going to school. I would have assumed that most kids (and their parents) would be eager to return to school in person, to resume sports and other activities, but apparently that is not the case.

More and more people are getting vaccinated each day. Vaccines ARE the road to normalcy! One year ago, Dr. Fauci declared that the world was at least a year away from developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Talk about a miracle – vaccines were approved before last year ended, and by now 9,833,939 of the roughly 40 million who live in California have received at least one dose – that is a quarter of all Californians! In Massachusetts, 28% of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine (and 1,069,997 people were fully vaccinated as of this morning). Experts tell us that 85% of Americans need to be vaccinated to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control. It seems like we are still far off that target but the US is rushing to expand vaccine eligibility in a “race against time” as States race to meet President Biden’s goal of universal eligibility by May 1st. I frequently get asked which vaccine I got and which one I prefer. Currently there are three approved vaccines in the United States but more than 20 that are being used worldwide. Some patients will continue to get infected with all of the currently available vaccines, but symptoms in vaccinated people are mild, no worse than those of a common cold, and all of the vaccines are 100% effective at preventing severe symptoms and deaths! So the important factor is not which vaccine one gets but that all of us get vaccinated as soon as possible…………..yes, so children can return to schools, so we can visit restaurants and shops freely, so we can go to gyms, so we can go to concerts and theaters, so we can just go for a walk, and so we can travel freely again! I sure miss not taking our kids on trips………………………..Jessica – a trip to Cabo is overdue!

My daughter turned 32 yesterday!   Here’s a photo of us on a Father-Daughter trip to Boston when she was 9 years old!

My daughter turned 32 yesterday! Here’s a photo of us on a Father-Daughter trip to Boston when she was 9 years old!

Stay healthy! Stay happy and persevere! Feed the Courage Wolf instead of the Fear Wolf!

The end of the pandemic is almost here! Go conquer another mountain!

Get vaccinated!

Be grateful for what you have now and for what is on the horizon - vaccines for everyone.

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