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Medical Skin Care Products in Worcester, MA

If you’re looking for the most high-end and scientifically backed medical skin care products on the market, look no further than Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, and serving Shrewsbury and the surrounding communities in Massachusetts. We carry several lines of medical skincare products for you to choose from to keep your skin looking young and vibrant.

What Medical Skin Care Products Does Salisbury Plastic Surgery Offer?

The best laboratories around the world produce our medical-grade skin care products, and they all benefit from scientific research and clinical trials, utilizing the highest quality ingredients to achieve optimal skin care results.

No matter what your age, there is something you can do to immediately improve the appearance of your skin. Revision Skincare formulations are comprised of only the purest, most efficacious ingredients to leave your skin supple, firm, smooth, and luminous.

Latisse® is an imatoprost opthalmic solution that is the first and only treatment available specifically for the purpose of lengthening and enhancing the eyelashes!

The Clarisonic® system is a gentle, sonic micro-massage that helps you maintain cleaner, healthier skin, and is six times more effective for makeup removal than doing it manually.

SkinCeuticals® is a line of innovative dermatology products, backed by scientific research that improves the overall health and appearance of the skin.

To learn more about our top-quality medical-grade skin care products, contact Salisbury Plastic Surgery with any questions.