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Plastic Surgery Before and After Worcester, MA

Salisbury Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art facility run by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, and offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, skin care, and more to residents of Shrewsbury, Worcester, and nearby areas in Massachusetts.

Every before and after photo you see is completely undoctored and comes from an actual patient of Salisbury Plastic Surgery. No digital or other alterations have been made to these authentic photographs, to ensure that you see only the real results of plastic surgery procedures and Med Spa treatments.

Salisbury Plastic Surgery exclusively features top, skilled clinicians and is run by board-certified plastic surgeon, Deborah K. Ekstrom. With a focus on catering to each individual patient’s needs to create a positive experience, our team is here to help you change your life for the better. The state-of-the-art procedures performed at Salisbury Plastic Surgery continually result in natural-looking aesthetic improvements. Thorough exams are conducted on every patient to ensure that your health, medical history, and expectations are all a good fit for you to achieve real results that last. Additionally, you can be sure that your safety and comfort are top priorities with uncompromising standards that keep our practice’s distinct reputation of excellence. A consultation is just a quick phone call away, and you can be well on the way to improving the way you look and feel for a better quality of life as a whole.

Dr. Ekstrom offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, Med Spa treatments, and unique skin care products to patients in Worcester and surrounding areas of Massachusetts. Take a look at some of the results our patients have achieved due to Salisbury Plastic Surgery’s unparalleled patient care, uncompromising safety, and high standards of excellence.