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Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is one that requires great consideration and is life transforming.  To make the journey a successful and satisfying one, trust a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom to perform your cosmetic surgery at Salisbury Plastic Surgery located in Worcester, MA.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, refers to surgical procedures that correct or enhance the appearance of the face and body.

We offer the following plastic surgery procedures:

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery treats and corrects a vast assortment of conditions in the body and face.  These may include sagging skin, scars, fatty deposits, malformations caused by birth defects, illness or injuries, or the wrath of the aging process, pregnancy, or extreme weight loss.  Patients who have undergone plastic surgery to enhance or correct problems in their face or body report improved self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of their procedure.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Most healthy adults over the age of 18 who have no contraindicated conditions may be candidates for plastic surgery. Some forms of plastic surgery may even be performed on children, such as surgery to correct the size or shape of the ears.  It is best to be informed about the procedures that you are considering and maintain reasonable expectations.

What Do I Need To Do Before Plastic Surgery?

An important thing to do is plan your schedule in order to allow the time required to heal properly from your procedure, set up a support unit to help you during the recovery and take care of stressful tasks in advance so you can be more relaxed through the entire process.  At your initial consultation, please inform Dr. Ekstrom of your full medical history, noting any medical problems within your immediate family, as well as any medications you are taking.  She may recommend that you discontinue certain medications for a period of time prior to your surgery.

What Should I Expect On The Day Of My Surgery?

Our friendly staff will greet you at our facility and make you as comfortable as possible to prepare you for a relaxing day. At this time, you may ask any final questions and meet the team that will be performing your procedure. Depending on the type of surgery that you are having, you may be sedated or the treatment area numbed to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Perform Plastic Surgery?

Each surgery is unique and the length of time required to perform surgery is never set in stone, as there are many factors that affect this. While one procedure may require only two hours, another may take up to four. Every patient is uniquely different, and Dr. Ekstrom applies her expertise and skill to every individual, personalizing every procedure.

What To Expect After Plastic Surgery?

Our staff will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions for the procedure that you are having.  You must follow these instructions faithfully and commit to taking the time needed to rest and recover properly. Every procedure is different, and each has its own unique healing process. All of this will be explained to you in detail, and our friendly staff will be here to support you through every step of the recovery process.

Will I Have Scars After Getting Plastic Surgery?

This will depend to a large extent on the type of surgery that you are having.  Most procedures result in hairline scars that may be hidden under clothing or hair, while others may not leave any visible scarring.

When Will I See The Results?

Results are usually visible immediately after the procedure but will become fully appreciable after a few weeks, once all of the tissue has healed properly and settled into its new form.

How Long Will The Results Of Plastic Surgery Last?

Plastic surgery can enhance your facial and body contours and take years off your appearance, but although it can “turn back the clock” it cannot stop time from passing in the future. As the aging process continues, some procedures may require follow-up treatments after some years.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Worcester?

Every procedure is different because each is tailored individually to each patient; therefore, the price will vary from patient to patient. In some cases, more than one procedure may be combined to optimize your treatment and address all of your concerns.  To help our patients cover costs, our office provides financing and flexible payment options.

Salisbury Plastic Surgery is committed to bringing out the best and most natural look in all of our patients.  Dr. Ekstrom and her team of specialists provide a compassionate environment for residents of Shrewsbury, Worcester and the surrounding communities of Massachusetts who want to undergo a personal transformation through plastic surgery. Contact today to schedule your consultation.