Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Get the sexy and youthful wow factor with breast lift surgery. With perky breasts, women tend to feel more confident about their body and enjoy wearing clothes that compliment their new figure. A positive body image can be a powerful element to your health, which is why plastic surgeon Dr. Deborah Ekstrom performs breast lift surgery. A breast lift procedure raises and firms the breasts by removing loose skin and repositions the nipple to a higher level. With an uplift, the breast volume will remain the same, but the shape will change to a more youthful and perky position. Occasionally, the patient may desire breast implants at the time of a lift procedure. At Salisbury Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ekstrom can create a custom treatment plan that will address your cosmetic concerns. Call our Worcester, MA office to see if a breast lift surgery is right for you.
It is important to understand that no person is perfectly symmetrical from one side to the other, even before a surgical procedure. Every attempt will be made during surgery to minimize your side-to-side dissimilarities, but such differences are natural and always persist to some degree, even after the most successful operation.

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Ideal Candidates

During the initial consultation and after a thorough exam, we will help determine if a breast lift is the right surgery for you. Ideal candidates for this operation are women who
  • Have realistic ideas about what breast lift surgery can do
  • Have breasts that sag or need a better shape
  • Have breasts that hang, are stretched out, or are asymmetrical
  • Have nipples that point downward or rest underneath the breasts
  • Have lost skin elasticity with weight loss, pregnancy, or age

What to Expect

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is considered an outpatient surgery. There will be many factors to discuss prior to the surgery, including where the incision will be placed. There are three commonly practiced incision points made in lift surgery:
  • Incision made along each areola
  • Incision made along each areola, plus a vertical incision down to the crease under the breasts
  • Incision made along each areola, plus a vertical incision down to the crease under the breast, and another horizontal line following the direction of the breast fold
The incision is usually chosen based on how invasive the lift needs to be. This procedure will produce surgery scars; however, the plastic surgeon will do everything possible to make the scars less visible or easily concealed. We will also provide information on how to best care for your surgical wounds for more attractive results.

Anticipated Results

With breast lift surgery, the patient will see immediate results in the shape of her breasts, but the final result will be visible after the swelling from surgery subsides. The recovery will vary since many patients will have a breast lift in combination with another plastic surgery procedure, such as a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or tummy tuck. Patients will be urged to do light activities, such as slowly moving around the room or spend a few minutes standing within the first 48-hours to stimulate blood circulation. There should be no heavy lifting or strenuous activity involving the chest whatsoever. Patients can restart their normal activities within 2 – 3 weeks, but exercise should not be attempted for 6 – 8 weeks. There is a myth that women who have breast lift surgery never have to wear a bra again. This is not true as you will want to wear a bra to keep the breasts in the right position. The breast skin will continue to age regardless of this surgical intervention, but it should never be as severe as it was before breast lift surgery.


You can have the healthy and youthful breasts you once had with breast lift surgery. We invite you to have a complimentary consultation with our plastic surgeon today and discuss if this surgery is right for you. Whether it is suggested to have just a breast lift or more, we can help you look and feel younger and fantastic.

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