ABOUT ThermiDry®

Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester offers ThermiDry® to help patients with underarm sweating issues. Serving patients around the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts area, we offer this in-office procedure that leaves you with the relief of dry underarms.

ThermiDry® is a state-of-the-art, long-lasting solution for people with hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, as well as people with general anxiety related to how much they sweat. ThermiDry® utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to target sweat glands in the underarm region, effectively shutting them off and leaving you pit-stain-free and comfortable again. Many people suffer for a long time from embarrassment over how much they sweat, the unseemly appearance of constant pit stains, and the endless frustration of the wet sensation. ThermiDry® can bring you a whole new lease on life that will leave you throwing your hands up in the air and not worrying who is looking anymore.

What are the Benefits of ThermiDry®?

Patients who receive ThermiDry® treatment enjoy a host of benefits, including:
  • Shuts off sweat glands in the armpits for an end to excessive sweating
  • Saves your clothing and eliminates the hassle of trying to wash out pit stains
  • Soothe social anxiety caused by constantly worrying about what your armpits will look like by the end of an engagement or event
  • Enjoy a whole new lifestyle where you can go straight from the gym to work
  • Eliminate the uncomfortable, always-wet feeling under your arms
  • Save money in the long-run when compared with more temporary injectable treatments

Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiDry®?

If you have suffered embarrassment and discomfort from constant, consistent sweating under your arms that feels excessive, you might be just the right candidate for ThermiDry®. Schedule your consultation today to discuss this popular option with our expert staff to determine whether ThermiDry® is the right solution for your particular anatomy as well as your individual goals and needs.

How Does ThermiDry® Work?

ThermiDry® uses state-of-the-art technology in a simple, in-office procedure in order to cure you of underarm sweating. Radiofrequency energy targets the armpit sweat glands to effectively shut them off and end discomfort for up to several years. This is highly safe since your body sweats out of many other areas, so you don’t have to worry that eliminating this one source of heavy sweating will have any health effects.

The procedure for ThermiDry® is very straightforward and is completed in a simple in-office visit. Local anesthetic is injected into the armpit area to make sure that you will be completely comfortable and experience no pain at all. Next, very tiny incisions that won’t scar later are created to allow for access to the sweat glands. The ThermiDry® wand is then inserted into the skin, directing radiofrequency energy to shut off the sweat glands. Incisions are then closed, and the procedure is complete. Most people choose to take the rest of the day to enjoy being restful at home, but no true downtime is needed, and you will be free to resume activity in most cases. A minor soreness or redness may be present for the first day or two but will fade quickly. Your results should be immediately apparent and can last several years before it is necessary to think about further treatments.

How Much Does ThermiDry® Cost in Worcester?

The cost for procedures and treatments at Salisbury Plastic Surgery usually vary based on customization and the differing needs of each unique client. To ensure that your ThermiDry® procedure is affordable, we accept a variety of payment methods including special financing plans.

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