What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a non-invasive, non-contact technology that selectively heats adipose tissue using radiofrequency energy to reduce fat. The device used does not contact with the skin, therefore it is safe for the surface skin layer and the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. It is an efficacious procedure to those looking to eliminate belly fat, love handles, inner and outer thigh fat without surgery.

How Much Does Vanquish Cost in Worcester?

On average, each session is approximately $500-800 and $3000 for a series of six treatments.

How is the Vanquish Treatment Performed?

The device used will be placed around the target region without skin-to-skin contact. You will feel a warming sensation around the area being treated. Some say it feels like a warm blanket, which is a relaxing for many patients. Some may continue to feel warmth for a few hours post-treatment. In general, people will have four treatment sessions with one session per week. Each session is typically 30-45 minutes and there is no downtime or special post-procedure care.

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