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Radiesse® in Worcester, MA

Radiesse® is a popular treatment for patients who want an alternative to cosmetic surgery or additional enhancement in combination with other procedures. Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Shrewsbury, MA, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, provides Radiesse® and other dermal injections for residents of Worcester and surrounding communities.

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What Is Radiesse®

Radiesse® is a dermal injection treatment that treats moderate to severe wrinkles, folds, and creases by triggering collagen production, increasing volume, fullness, and elasticity by supporting your skin at the structural level. Radiesse® provides a structure of microspheres in the deepest layers beneath the skin’s surface, supporting and firming skin tissue, while increasing collagen production, augmenting suppleness, volume, and elasticity in the skin. Increased collagen production as a result of the treatment gradually continues to reveal a smoother and firmer skin tone.

What are the Specific Benefits of Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a unique and revolutionary treatment that offers very specific advantages over other dermal filler injections.  Because Radiesse® works by stimulating natural collagen production, your skin continues to repair itself over time, resulting in a constant, gradual improvement of skin tone for several months.  Results of a Radiesse® treatment usually last longer than other treatments, up to two years.  Some of the unique advantages of Radiesse® include:

  • The gel is formulated from calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural ingredient found in healthy skin
  • There is very low risk of allergic reaction
  • The treatment is simple and quick, with results that last up to two years
  • The treatment requires no downtime or recovery period
  • You will see immediate results followed by gradual improvements over three months

How Do I Know if Radiesse® is Right for Me?

Although Radiesse® is an FDA-approved treatment that has been determined safe and effective for most healthy adults, the procedure is not recommended for everyone, so it is important that you consult with Dr. Ekstrom to make sure your medical history and specific conditions make you eligible for this treatment. Radiesse® is ideal for individuals aged 35 to 60 years who seek non-surgical corrections to treat lines, wrinkles, creases and folds in the facial area, and those seeking to restore facial volume. Radiesse® is also an appropriate treatment for patients afflicted with facial lipoatrophy, a condition that results in loss of fat in the face, reducing definition in facial contouring.

How Should I Prepare for Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is safe and effective and contains only natural ingredients, so adverse reactions are rare, but please inform Dr. Ekstrom of any history of allergies or other medical conditions prior to treatment. Radiesse® treatments should be delayed if infections, inflammation or other skin irritations are present, or if you have received any other injections recently. You may be advised to temporarily suspend taking certain medications prior to treatment.

How Is Radiesse® Administered?

A local anesthetic will be applied to the treatment areas to alleviate any possible discomfort. The Radiesse® treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of injections needed. Radiesse® is injected using a very fine needle directly into each target area.  You will see immediate noticeable results following the treatment, but over the next two to three weeks, lines, and creases will disappear gradually and naturally, as your skin increases collagen production. In most cases, one treatment provides results that may last up to two years.

How Much Do Radiesse® Treatments Cost In Worcester?

Radiesse® treatments vary in price according to how many injections are required and the amount of filler needed. Typically health insurance does not cover an elective cosmetic treatment such as Radiesse®, but Salisbury Plastic Surgery offers our patients the option of flexibility in payment options by providing easy financing methods.  The office also accepts various forms of payment.

If you live in Massachusetts and want to learn more about Radiesse® treatments, contact Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Shrewsbury, led by Dr. Deborah K. Ekstrom, where Radiesse® treatments are available to residents of Worcester and surrounding areas.